About a year ago I somewhat hit a wall with my training. Not due to a lack of motivation or a lack of new modalities and sporting events I wanted to try,but because my body literally felt broken down. I had just left a good job in a casino a few months earlier to pursue my passion for fitness as a career and was on a warpath in the gym. Being in a full blown power phase and training like I was getting ready for a professional sporting event for 6 months straight finally got to me.I was using my training as a stress release and my meditation. My lower back on the right side always hurt and general joint pain was the norm. Gains were non existent due to the overtraining and for a while I almost felt like succumbing to the idea that I was 35 and "getting old".
  Once I started getting into correctives and of coarse some rest,I started feeling much better in a couple of weeks. After that I started working for a friend who was a Z Health professional. I got into the various phases and studied them hands on. I felt a lot better by adding joint mobility work to my routine. I'm not going to say that Z Health is the end all to the mysteries of the body,but it has great benefits by taking into account the neurological side of movement and pain. You would have to write a book to get into it sufficiently. With that being said,what is joint mobility and what is a dynamic warm up? What are the benefits of both?
  Mobility work uses movement to actively move your joints and bring more lubrication(mainly via synovial fluid)and therefor helps joints heal and regenerate. The nutritive and lubricative flow helps revitalize the connective tissue and makes for a healthy and mobile joint. Think of it like the Tin Man getting oiled by Dorothy so he can move again. It also has great benefit on restoring posture and lost movement patterns. Like my old boss would say,"it puts these movements back on the map". What he meant by that is simply that we stop moving in certain planes of motion and don't exactly stand as tall as we should just to name a couple. So neurologically we have forgotten how that feels and it's off the map so to speak. With practice we put it back on the map and we stand taller,have better posture,and move much more efficiently.
  The reason I am writing this is to simply stress the importance of corrective work. Especially as we age! It will keep you felling young and elastic like a child. It is due to this work that i still go to the park and roll around like a hyper kid and enjoy it pain free.
  I also want to emphasize the importance of a warm up.More specifically a dynamic warm up.

[Web Definition]Dynamic Warm Up=A series of movements(including bouncing and skipping)that are designed to actively prepare the muscles for performance and are performed in a safe and controlled fashion.

  So basically instead of just jogging in place to break a sweat you are moving in different planes of motion for a more effective warm up. A "specific dynamic warm up" is a dynamic warm up that is specific to the workload to come in your workout. For example if you are doing agility work and sprints you would specifically target the legs and mimic the planes of motion that are to come.
  That all being said,the good news is that there are endless free videos on Youtube with plenty of good joint mobility and dynamic warm up routines. I just want to open up your minds to something we all should be incorporating. I also will post a video within a couple days of the article posting. It will be a quick variation to my own mobility routine and a easy basic dynamic warm up anyone can do. Please let me know what you think and I wish you all great benefit.

Ares Nikolopoulos